Founded in 2012, FSD Automotive Media provides content to newspapers, magazines and websites around the world.

That work has included some dramatic projects, such as finding out just how much fun you can have in a Toyota Prius, driving a solar-powered racing car through the streets of Cambridge, getting behind the wheel of iconic cars such as the DeLorean DMC-12 and Jensen Interceptor, and setting lap records in a Honda Civic Type R.

There have been learner drivers thrust into tiny city cars and monstrous pickup trucks on the same day, putting tyres to the test in a Toyota GT86 at Spain’s Parcmotor Castelloli circuit, and road tests of custom-built sportscars. Launch events covered have included cars from the humble Dacia Sandero to the world premiere of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II.

Our team of excellent writers get behind the wheel of around 250 cars a year, driving everything from a prototype hydrogen-powered car valued at £6.5 million, to the cheapest Dacia Sandero and most expensive Lamborghini.

We’ve taken convertible sports cars to the most northerly point of Europe, conquered the volcanoes of Iceland in pickup trucks, explored salt mines in SUVs, and headed to the North Korea DMZ in an electric family car. It’s never your normal day in the office.

If you need engaging, lively, knowledgeable and enthusiastic content to excite your audience, get in touch with us by emailing now.

FSD Automotive Media content has been published in…

  • AOL Cars
  • Business Car Manager
  • Cab Direct
  • Cambridge Business
  • Cambridge Independent
  • Cambridge Magazine
  • Cambridge News
  • Car Dealer Magazine
  • Cazoo
  • Covered Mag from
  • Diesel Car Magazine
  • Eco Car Magazine
  • Fleet Directory
  • Fleet News
  • Fleet World
  • Gareth Jones on Speed
  • i news
  • Iliffe Media
  • Motoring Podcast
  • MotorMorph
  • Motor Trader
  • Professional Driver Magazine
  • Professional Pickup & 4×4
  • Select Car Leasing
  • The Scotsman
  • The
  • Yes Auto

…amongst many others.